High-Quality Apartment Package Lockers in Arizona

If you’re the manager or owner of an apartment complex, you know how busy the day-to-day tasks are, from handling maintenance requests to collecting rent payments. And with all the tenants your complex has, you may not have time to act as a mail courier too. With Luxer One, our apartment package lockers can relieve your workload and ensure the safety and security of every package that comes to your Arizona apartment complex.

Why Choose Our Package Lockers?

Packages come in all shapes and sizes — one tenant may want to order a new toothbrush while another wants to order a new mattress. Luckily, our package lockers can accommodate any package, from extra small to oversize. We even provide towers and package room integration options for the more unusually sized packages. And don’t worry about package-heavy times, like around the holidays. Our services can also include overflow package acceptance.

Additionally, we customize our package management services to your needs. Whether you want 24/7 video surveillance, photos of delivered and accepted packages, or secure one-time codes your tenants can use to pick up their package, you’ll get it all from Luxer One. With all these benefits, you know our locker design is focused on package security. So if you need package lockers for your apartment, private package lockers from Luxer One are the way to go.

Why Choose Luxer One?

Package lockers will help minimize the number of disruptions you face each day — not to mention they’ll also help keep your front desk tidy. But our services go beyond these benefits. At Luxer One, we offer gold-standard customer service, which includes 24/7 phone and email customer support. We’ll be there for you and your tenants, no matter the time.

We also only offer high-quality package lockers, which allow for faster delivery times, and we can install them inside or outside — whatever works best for your complex. Contact our team today at (520) 275-1913, and we’ll set up apartment package lockers at your establishment in Arizona.

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